Matt Mitchell (iralith) wrote in editorsupport,
Matt Mitchell

Another reference list question!

—this being the subject that drives us all crazy.

Let's say I've got a reference to something in the front matter of a scientific journal. Specifically, it's the "Guide for Authors" that appears in Biological Psychiatry, volume 66, number 1, pp. A5–A6.

Who the blazes do I attribute that to? "Biological Psychiatry Editorial Board"? This document's using author/date citations, so I kind of need an author; "anonymous" seems inappropriate. I'm currently thinking (after checking a couple of style manuals) that I don't do that—that I leave the author's spot blank and do . . . well, heaven knows what with the citation. "Biological Psychiatry guide for authors, 2009," perhaps. Blech.
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