Esther-Channah (dragonbat2006) wrote in editorsupport,

Setting Character Formatting in Framemaker 10

Really hoping this comm still has watchers...

I'm a technical communications student currently struggling with an editing assignment. The instructor has given me a text, which I need to edit--while tracking changes--in Word, FrameMaker and pdf. The problem is, in FrameMaker, my instructor doesn't want me to use the built-in track changes mode (Special>Track Text Edits>Enable); he wants me to set up my insertions and deletions as character styles, and I can't figure out how to do that from the handbook.

(I'm emailing my teacher, too but the assignment is due Tuesday at 8 am, and I'm worried that he may not respond in time. Thankfully, I can have the edited Word document up and just make the same changes, once I figure out how to get started.)

Any advice?

Thanks so much!
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