Coffee at midnight (citeyoursources) wrote in editorsupport,
Coffee at midnight


Hi all! I'm writing a paper discussing how one would collect, transcribe, and annotate some handwritten journal entries. Problem is, there's a lot of laziness and slang. So, two questions:

1. The book is being broken up into sections of one writer, another writer, and then unsourced entries and other things (there are some drawings, so it's hard sometimes to figure out whose page it was, but never mind that). Because of the way this is broken up, would a legend at the beginning (or end) for things like "BTW" be the best way to go? It's also possible I'll decide this should be a 2-volume edition.

2. The writers have a consistent habit of not putting apostrophes in their contractions. Would it be necessary to place an [sic] here every time? Is there a better way to handle this?

Thanks for any help!
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