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a certain brand of escape

Newbie here...

Hi all; I just found this community and I wondered if I could get some input.

I want to edit/proofread full time and I managed to land a paid freelance project editing a novel. The novel is translated from Japanese into English and one of the larger problems with the text was that there were many sentences that should be grouped into paragraphs and were not. Japanese is laid out very differently than English and so I figured this was an artifact of the translation.

Originally my edits to the text were on top of the original text; that is, I made changes in red font to the document file I received and sent those to my company contact. The contact then emailed me back saying he wanted a "polished" text returned; that is, he wanted the edits I had suggested to be put in place without any marks at all, so I quickly removed and replaced them. I'm convinced that my contact did not read the notes I made in the text at all.

This all took place back in June. Except for one email I sent in July attempting to check up on things, I heard nothing from my contact about the next phase of the text, which is supposed to be a recheck based on a laid-out version of text with all the formatting in place. That is, until last night, when I tried once more to inquire about the project and got this message:

We are confused on how you formatted your edited script.
It seems that there are returned spaces after each paragraph. We are
having a hard time determining where the breaks are...I don't believe
that I have sent the raw script to you in this format. Can you possibly
adjust it for me?

I am very confused by his use of the term "returned spaces". There is no html in the text, no " "'s anywhere. When I polished the text I was careful to make the spacing as natural in English as possible, so I converted it from double to single-spaced. I have started an email asking him just what he means by this, but I don't want to start an argument with my contact or come off like I don't know what I'm doing.

That would be the first question: what does "returned spaces" mean? What do I need to present my contact with in response? The second question would be regarding my experience in general: is it normal for someone working in Production to not want to see their editor/proofreader's marks and not communicate with them for months? Is there something I'm not doing/saying that I need to do/say?

Thank you in advance.
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