a certain brand of escape (atelierlune) wrote in editorsupport,
a certain brand of escape

Quick Invoice-related question

Thank you again to everyone who responded to my previous question - it helped me get through what was easily the most difficult part of my project.

Now I just have a quick question about invoicing. My project contact has asked me to include my Social Security Number in my invoice for tax purposes, but as this is sensitive and confidential information, I am (I think) understandably skittish about including it in a document that could be seen by many others. Is there a different or a better way of going about this? Should I inquire about the tax form (most likely a W-9) that he needs my Social Security Number for and fill it out myself? Is this standard practice and nothing to worry about? Should I include it with strict instructions in my invoice to protect my privacy?

Thank you in advance.
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