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Questions within a sentence

I am doing the final proofreading of a temporary museum exhibit. Except for the fact that the typesetter doesn't seem to understand the difference between an en-dash and an em-dash, everything is looking good. I mean, everything but this sentence.

Even after fingerprints and facial features are gone or unrecognizable, skeletal evidence can tell us, Who was this? What did she look like? What did he do? and maybe, How did she die?

This just looks weird to me. In the Chicago Manual of Style, I found the following:

6.71: A question mark is used within a sentence at the end of a direct question (see also 6.55). If the question does not begin the sentence, it need not start with a capital letter (but see 6.55).

6.55: A direct question included within another sentence is usually preceded by a comma; it need not begin with a capital letter (see first two examples), but if the question is relatively long or has internal punctuation, an initial capital helps (see third example).

6.123: Neither a period (aside from an abbreviating period) nor a comma ever accompanies a question mark or an exclamation point.

Now all the example in CMS only have one question within the sentence. The sentence I face has four questions internally.

Should I just make the who/what/how lowercase and call it a day? Is there a rule I don't know?

How could rework this sentence as little as possible and make it less weird? I am not to do any "major" rewriting -- just find typos.
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