The Supplement To The Treasure-House of Pearls (actadiurna) wrote in editorsupport,
The Supplement To The Treasure-House of Pearls

Name and Birth/Death Dates Question - CMS

I am writing an essay where I give the name of someone and have their birth and death dates in parentheses: Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865)

But I was under the impression if you only had the birth year or death year you do it as follows:
Abraham Lincoln (b. 1809)
Abraham Lincoln (d. 1865)

A professor of mine stated that you use a question mark: Abraham Lincoln (1809–?)

I have never seen this before, and frankly it looks awful.

I cannot find where this is discussed in the CMS, although I have seen them use both dates in examples. Does anyone know how the CMS recommends handling this situation? I am using the 15th ed.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
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